Elins Nails: Pictorial - Flower nails.

02 July, 2014

Pictorial - Flower nails.

Surprise, surprise! Here I am again! It's been a while but I'm hoping I will get back into updating my blog and painting my nails again. It's been a while but for now I'm back home from Texas for a while at least.

I thought I would do my comeback with a request that I got on the blog. She wanted to know how to do flower nails so I thought I would do that. It's an easy design, you don't need much not even a lot of experience with nail art. 

Here is the finished product of it all. 

Flower nails by Elins Nails

To do these nails I started with a gradient background so I'm gonna show how I do that too. I always start with a base coat to protect the nails. And when I do gradient nails I don't always think that the color is really compact so I start with a white base coat to start it all off. 

Then you take nailpolish that is often the same color but different shades. For this design I used 3 different blue polishes. Then you get a make-up sponge. These I bought really cheap so you don't have to spend a lot of money on that.

So to do the gradient you put the polishes on your sponge after how the shades go. You need a few layers of the colors because the sponge soaks up a lot of the nail polish.

Then you just put it over your nails. But you have to think about the fact that you don't only get nailpolish on your nail. You can always put tape around your nails or put vaseline around your nail to get an easier clean up. 

After it should look something like this, and you have to put in mind that once you get your topcoat on it will look much better. 

After you are done with the gradient background its time for the flowers. To do them you need to shades of another color, I chose pink. You start with the darker shade and a pretty big dotting tool.

Then you do some dots on your nail. I usually keep them kinda round but still not. Just look at the picture to see what I mean.

After that you take your lighter color and thin nail art brush.

With the lighter shade you do some patterns over your spots, almost like Cs.

For the leaves you take a bigger brush and a green nailpolish.

You just make some leaf shapes around the flowers. I usually try to do 2 leaves for every flower but you have to keep in mind that it's not always possible.

Put some topcoat and some clean up and you are all done!

I'm seeing now that the light on the pictures aren't the best, it's sort of reflecting on the nails. It's been a while since I took pictures of my nails but it will be better next time!

Thanks for looking into my blog and hopefully you will pay another visit soon. I'm gonna try to update a few more things for you in the near future. 

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