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25 October, 2013

Texas Nail Art

I have since a few months back worked on becoming an Au Pair in the US, and last week I finally found my host family. So in less then a month I will be going to Texas to work as an Au Pair there for the next year. My updating might be really bad during that time but I will try to update some. So to celebrate this I did Texas nails, with the Texas flag. And I know the flag is wrong for this angle but from my angle the flag is right. So you just have to imagine it or turn your computer upside down or something.

To do this nails I started with base coat and then two layers of white. Then with the red nail polish I painted half the nail, using the nail polish bottle brush. Then with a pretty thin brush I painted the blue on freehand. 

Then I thought about painting white stars on the blue but then I decided to just use some star charms on instead. Taking the easy way out. 

The Nail polishes I used are these -
Don't forget to use base coat to protect your nails.

White - OPI - Alpine Coat
Blue - China Glaze - First Mate
Red - Gina Tricot - Formula One
Top Coat - Nails Inc - Caviar Top Coat

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