Elins Nails: Patriotic 4th of July Nails

05 July, 2014

Patriotic 4th of July Nails

Over there in the big country across the Atlantic Ocean the holiday 4th Of July is being celebrated. Although I'm not living there anymore I just had to join in on these celebrations, and it's kinda started to become a tradition for me to celebrate this holiday with some great nail art. So why break it now? I'm still hoping I will get a chance to celebrate 4th of July right there in America, hopefully in Texas, but this will have to do until that day when I actually will do so. 

I was in a kinda glittery mood when I chose out the colors for this design, so its a nail art full of glitter! Since glitter nail polish isn't always super compact I started of with a layer of white nail polish to have a base for all the glitter that is in this. 

Patriotic 4th of July Nails by Elins Nails.

The design is pretty easy, not much tools where used for this patriotic Nail Art. Everything but the stripes and dots are made with the brush in the nail polish. I guess you can even say that the stripes was made with that too because I was using a striping nail polish - very thin brush in the nail polish. 

For this I did 3 nails with both blue, red, stripes and dots. The stars had to become dots because I'm really not that good to make that small stars. The third one that you can't see on the picture is obviously the thumb. The two other nails I did concentrate on one of the colors. Since the blue polish I was using was more glitter then color, compared to the red one, I did a glitter gradient. Then with the smallest dotting tool I have I added dots over it. With the red one I did the whole nail and the added stripes. 

Patriotic 4th of July Nail Art by Elins Nails

I hope you liked the Patriotic 4th Of July Nails! For everyone other there that is celebrating it today, what have been your plans for the days? I'm pretty curious to know, so if anyone got something exciting to share please leave a comment for me!

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