Elins Nails: Justin Bieber Nail Art - Tribal Print

23 April, 2013

Justin Bieber Nail Art - Tribal Print

Been really busy in school lately so you all have to excuse my absence from the blog. These nails I'm gonna show you I made in a really hurry late evening. Because the day after I was leaving home at 4 am to go and start queuing for the Justin Bieber concert, and I just had to have nice nails for the occasion.

Justin Bieber Nails by Elins Nails

Its a pretty easy design. I just painted all the nails except one black and the last one gold for an accent nail. On the black nails I took a striping brush and a small dotting tool and made gold tribal prints on it. On the accent nail I did my best to write Justin Bieber. 

This was all for now, and I'm praying I will get more time for my nails and the blog in the future. 

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