Elins Nails: Polkadot Nail Art

07 May, 2013

Polkadot Nail Art

Today I'm going with an easy design that looks pretty anyways. Polka dots! Who doesn't love polka dot nails? I went a safe color match and went with one color, but different shades of course.  It's something that can never go wrong and it looks amazing.

Polkadot Nails by Elins Nails

I started with two layers of the lightest green. Then I took one of the smallest dotting tools I have and made dots with my darker green.

Polkadot Nail Art by Elins Nails

It looks pretty good according to me, so I'm satisfied. I love the color match. 

The nail polishes I used -

Don't forget base coat.
Lighter Green - Essie - Navigate Her
Darker Green - Sephora - Lime Cocktail
Top Coat - Seche Vite

Please leave a comment below what you think of this design. 

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