Elins Nails: American Flag nails - French Manicure Twist

01 May, 2013

American Flag nails - French Manicure Twist

Todays nails are inspired by flags and none other then my favorite country's flag, USA's flag of course.

I done familiar nails before for fourth of july last year but when looking back at them now I'm not so proud of them haha.

Oh gosh no, we shouldn't look at them. Lets go on to todays nails instead. But I guess this means that my nail art skills have grown better and thats always something good. 

American Flag Nail Art by Elins Nails

With this nails a did a little twist of the classical french manicure. I started with base coat as usually, and then I did two layers of white nail polish. Then with a striping brush I made the red lines all over the nails. Once those were completely dry I took some french manicure templates. The package I have had 2 different kinds, curved and straight, and I took the straight ones. Which I think are for you toe nails actually but who cares? I painted the tips blue and later when it was dry I did small dots with a dotting tool over the blue to symbolize the stars on the flag.  

Matte American Flag Nails by Elins Nails

After a while I decided that I might look cool matte. So I made them matte. It's not often I have matte nails but it looks cool so I should probably do it a little more often.

The nail polishes I used for this is -

Don't forget base coat all times to protect your nails.
White - OPI - Alpine Snow
Red - Gina Tricot - Formula One
Blue - Sephora - CuraƧao
Matte topcoat - Essie - Matte About You

Which way did you like more - shiny or matte?

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