Elins Nails: Band Nails - One Direction Nail Art

04 May, 2013

Band Nails - One Direction Nail Art

Tomorrow I will be on my way to Denmark to go on a concert and I just had to paint my nails for this special occasion. I'm going to see One Direction, my favorite band. I seen them before and then I had nails inspired by them too.

One Direction Nails by Elins Nails

Since all the nails are different I will explain how I did them one by one. First I put on base coat on all my nails. 

On my index finger I have the Irish flag, because Niall in the group is from Ireland. I started with two layers of white. Then I actually used the nail polishes brushes to paint the green and orange on it. 
For the middle finger I started with two layers of red and then with a striping brush I wrote TMH which stands for Take Me Home which is the name of their newest album and the tour. 
On the ring finger I painted the british flag because the four other members are from UK. For this I started with two layers blue and with a a striping brush I painted the white and then the red on it.
And then my pinky I wrote the first letter of every member. I started with two layers of white and then with the colors I used for the rest of the nails I wrote it with a striping brush. And then with a small dotting tool I made a heart. 

One Direction Logo Nail by Elins Nails

And on my thumb I did One Directions logo with a striping brush. Started with two layers of red first. 

The nail polishes I used- 

Don't forget base coat.
White - OPI - Alpine Snow
Red - Claudia - All Red
Blue - H&M - Turquoise 

Orange - Ciaté - Speed Dial
Green - Ciaté - Mojito
Top Coat - Ciaté - Seche Vite

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