Elins Nails: Swatch of Liquid Sand - OPI Can't Let Go

15 January, 2013

Swatch of Liquid Sand - OPI Can't Let Go

Todays nails and nailpolish I'm wearing is one of OPI's newest nail polishes from their Mariah Carey collection. There is something new with this polish because it's what they call liquid sand formula. This means it have a very special texture.

So far there is four of these and the one I bought today is called Can't Let Go. It's a really beautiful purple shade.

Can't Let Go Swatch by Elins Nails

I don't really think the pictures give this nail polish justice. It's a really great polish. It dries to be like half matte and a little grainy. 

OPI Liquid Sand Polish Swatch by Elins Nails

I guess you can't wear a topcoat on this because the whole charm with it disappears. I just hope I won't get so much tipwear then, but I will have to wait and watch. 

But this is totally my favorite nail polish right now. Something I could wear alone even tho I don't like wearing one colored nails. 

But what you think of this liquid sand nail polishes? 

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