Elins Nails: Cupcakes Nails

03 January, 2013

Cupcakes Nails

Todays nails is inspired by a cookie jar I got for christmas present. I like the print on it and thought it would be a good nail design.

Cupcake Nail Art by Elins Nails

I thought it came out pretty well, makes me really want a cupcake. I tried to match the colors as well as I could but I might have a lot of nail polish but I don't have every colors. I used one of the lightest green for the background, so I didn't have a green for the cupcakes so I made them blue instead. 

Cupcake Nails by Elins Nails

I thought I ruined it when I added the black lines around everything. But on the cookie jar the lines are a little sloppy so I did them a little sloppy. But I think it ended pretty well anyway so I'm satisfied. Don't think it would have been much better if I did the lines perfect.

The nail polishes I used -

Base Coat - Isadora - Second Nail
Green - Sephora - Lime Cocktail
Brown - OPI - You Don't Know Jacques
Light Brown - H&M - Nude Dude
Blue - China Glaze - Kinetic Candy

Yellow - Ciaté - Big Yellow Taxi
Purple - H&M - Liberty Girl
Pink - H&M - City
Light Pink - Gina Tricot - Candy Floss

White - China Glaze -White Out
Red - Claudia - All Red
Black - Isadora - Gothic Black
Top Coat - Seche Vite 

What you think about this design?

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