Elins Nails: Gellac With Cheetah Print Design

28 January, 2013

Gellac With Cheetah Print Design

Did my friends nails today. Did some gellac on her with my Depend Gellack Kit. I even added a little design, so if the gellac does what it is told to do it she will have to wear it for awhile. So I hope she doesn't get tired of it.

Cheetah Print Gellac by Elins Nails

I did an easy and pretty design. Actually the same that I am wearing except different colors. 

Cheetah printed is my favorite design, it's easy and doesn't take that much time to do and it always ends up good. 

This is unfortunately everything for today. I'm so tired and need to shower before I go to bed. 

But if you got any questions about Depend gellack kit just leave a comment! 

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