Elins Nails: A Fabulous French Manicure - Glitter

08 March, 2013

A Fabulous French Manicure - Glitter

The design I'm gonna show you today I made for a friend last year for new years eve. Wanted to show you these because there is much you can do with the classical french manicure. Only the fantasy will stop you. It don't have to be the typical white tip french manicure you can use whatever color you want or glitter if you want that.

This design I did with the nail polish brush. It's a glitter french manicure to fit with the new years eve theme. Loads of coats, but it was worth it.

Glitter French Manicure by Elins Nails

Easy but the result says - FABULOUS! Sorry, it was the only word I could came up with to describe this. This is just one of many ways to do a french manicure, like I said before only your fantasy will stop you.

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