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24 March, 2013

Easter Nails

Easter is here and I'm finally allowed to do Easter design, which I love. Easter is colorful and pastel colors fit perfectly here.

For this design I started with five base colors, one for every finger. And these colors where the main colors in my design which I used the most of. Then I added two accent nail where I added some other colors.

Easter Nails by Elins Nails

I started with painting all the nails with base coat and then every nail with the base color I decided for them. I went on pretty light colors, like pastel like. I did my pinky blue on purpose to continue with the blue pinky challenge, which you can read more about in last post. The thumb that you can't see on this picture is the green polish that you can see on the rest of the nails. The three nails are then suppose to look something like an Easter egg. So with the five base colors I made some zigzag lines and straight lines with a striping brush. Then some random dots with a dotting tool. Added some white dots too to fill the empty spaces because I didn't want the to use the same color next to each other. 

Easter Nail Art by Elins Nails

On my ring finger is then suppose to be the Easter bunny. I started with painting the shape with a striping brush and then with a larger brush I filled it in. Then I did the eyes and nose with different sized dotting tools. Take notice its not skew-eyed like it usually is haha. Then I added the whiskers and then with a dotting tool I added some light pink on the cheeks and ears. 

My thumb have a little chicken on it. The body is made with dotting tools and also the eyes. The hair, neb and eggshell is made with a striping brush. 

The tons on nail polish I used for this -

Don't forget the base coat. 
My five base colors.
Green - Mavala - Pistachio
Pink - Essie - Splash Of Grenadine 
Orange - Mavala - Fresh Melon
Purple - OPI - You're Such A Budapest
Blue - China Glaze - Kinetic Candy

Brown - OPI - You Don't know Jacques
White - OPI - Alpine Snow
Black - Isadora - Gothic Black
Light Pink - Ciaté - Cutie Pie

Darker Orange - Ciaté - Speed Dial
Yellow - Ciaté - Big Yellow Taxi
Top Coat - Seche Vite 

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