Elins Nails: Swatch - Nails Inc. Leather Effect

18 March, 2013

Swatch - Nails Inc. Leather Effect

Here comes a swatch for all of you guys. When I first saw this on a few blogs I knew exactly that I just had to have it. So when I saw it standing on the shelf at Sephora I just had to take it.

Nails Inc. Leather Effect Swatch by Elins Nails

This nail polish dries to a surface that is suppose to remind of leather. It's almost like OPI's liquid sand polishes but it doesn't dry to such a grainy surface. It's actually pretty soft, but still not. It's so hard to explain. 

Nails Inc. Leather Effect Nail Art by Elins Nails

To do something fun about this I added some design over it with white nail polish. Black and white can never go wrong. I didn't add some top coat over this to not destroy the charm with this nail polish. 

With this kit you got some studs and crystal with it, which I'm saving for another time. 

What you think about this? 

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