Elins Nails: Golden Arrow Nails

22 March, 2013

Golden Arrow Nails

Here comes and easy design because I strained my hand and wanted to do something I could do with one and a half hand. So this is what I ended up with. Before you look at the pictures you will probably think I'm going crazy or something or lost my color sense, but I will explain it all in the post.

I also apologize for the bad pictures, not easy to take pictures when I can't bend my wrist, haha.

Golden Arrow Nails by Elins Nails

To do this nails I started with a base coat on all the nails. Then I painted all my fingers except my ring finger and pinky golden. My ring finger wine red as an accent nail and then my pinky blue. 

On my golden finger I painted some arrow figures with wine red with a striping brush and then golden arrows on my wine red finger.  It kinda reminds me if Iron Man with these colors. 

Blue Pinky Challenge by Elins Nails

So now lets talk about my pinky. I did a blue gradient. And many problem wonders why? So let me tell you about it. There is this organization called 'Mean Stinks', and they wanna reduce the girl-on-girl bullying. That's why they have this thing called 'The Blue Pinky Challenge' with says that you are gonna paint your pinky blue. It's suppose to represent that you do a blue pinky swear to stand up for bullying and gang up for good. I thought this was a good idea and I think you all should do it. Bullying is a good problem and if no one takes care of it it will only get worse, so stand up for bullying and gang up for good. 

The nail polishes I used are these -

Don't forget base coat to protect your nails.
Wine Red - Sephora - Red Berries Smoothie 
Guld - Sephora - I'm A Rich Girl 
Blue - Ciaté - Headliner
Lighter blue - OPI - Can't find my Czechbook
Top coat - Seche Vite

Thanks for reading my blog and remember, gang up for good!

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