Elins Nails: Black and white Nail Art

13 July, 2013

Black and white Nail Art

Today I wanna share an easy design. Not the most colorful one but I like it. Looks kinda cool according to me.

Black and White Nail Art by Elins Nails

To do this design I started with a base coat as usually. Then I painted two layers of black. Once it was completely dry I freehand painted with a thin brush and then added some dots with a dotting tool just to make it a little prettier. 

Black And White Nails By Elins Nails

Then I just added a layer of top coat for the finishing touch. 

The nail polishes I used -

Don't forget to base coat to protect your nails. 
Black - Isadora - Gothic Black
Vit - OPI - Alpine Snow
Top coat - Seche Vite

Thank you for checking in, and I would love if you left a comment for me. Requesting a design or just letting me now what you think of this one!

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